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Do you want to elevate your career, know your strengths, utilize your potential, solve difficulties, or maximize opportunities and performance?


A coaching session will give you a opportunity to develop, become more self-assured and being true to your strengths and passion. Being confidence in what you say and do and believe in your own abilities. Feeling empowered to lead yourself and your career. 


In a coaching session, you will gain insights and be elevated to take action in relation to collaborations, talent development and career aspirations. Taking concrete actions to empower yourself.


  • Clarity and overcoming obstacles.

  • Maximize potential and performance.

  • Solving difficulties or conflicts.

  • Strengthen collaborations.

  • Become a strong value creator.

  • Be strategic and achieving goals.

  • Focus on self-compassion.

  • Feel empowered and influence.

  • New self-discovering and unlearn what is no longer serving you.

  • Create a more meaningful work-life.


We coach in Danish or English. One session DKK 3.000 exclusive of VAT.​

Female Leadership, Charlotte Søndergaard, Coach


Your greatest potential for development and happiness lies in your strengths. Maximize your talents and experience how your strengths can enrich your career and life. Understand your strengths and how they complement each other will energize you. CliftonStrengths helps you become known for what you do best and lead your own life.


  • Know and grow your strengths.

  • Experience more energy and vitality.

  • Increase your self-confidence and well-being.

  • Feel empowered. Become more courageous.

  • Take actions.

  • Develop an authentic leadership style.


One session with an assessment DKK 3.565 exclusive of VAT and DKK 14.990 exclusive of VAT for a team workshop for 6 participants. We use Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment and coach in English and Danish.

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