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Becoming an Authentic leader facilitated for Deloitte

Becoming an Authentic Leader

The ‘Becoming an Authentic Leader’ program encourage female leaders to be true to their authentic self, develop their leadership identity, own their career and be intentional. The program acts like a catalyst for daring to explore and develop one’s own authentic leadership style and aspirations. We don't believe in 'fixing' women. However, we do believe in helping women navigate structures and cultures that make it more difficult for them to achieve leadership positions, develop their identity as leaders and become successful.


This program supports the participants who want to develop as leaders, aiming for promotions to leadership positions and achieving a more meaningful career with healthy boundaries and wellbeing together with like-minded female leaders and a sponsor. It supports organizations in achieving more women as leaders and in leaderships positions. This program delivers impactful return of investment for both the participants and the organization. 

The program enhancing self-development, self-reflection and self-compassion: 

  • Execute your own authentic leadership style.

  • Maximize potential and play to your strengths.

  • Create your own safe space.

  • Unlearn behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Be purpose and value driven.

  • Become a natural influencer who acts strategically.

  • Stop overthinking and escape the likability trap.

  • Take charge and become intentional.

  • Build a new network of women who support each other.

  • Stand in your own power and own your career.


​The program will empower the participants as leaders through a 1:1 strength profile session, 2 x 2-days masterclass and 4 individual coaching sessions. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to be inspired by authentic and successful women from leading organizations across Nordic (e.g., LEGO, VELUX, Microsoft, DNB & Deloitte) in webinars and learn together with a group of like-minded female leaders within their organization. 

Lilly Thérèse Doringer
Senior Manager at Deloitte Sweden


  • Are happy with the program and recommend it.

  • Believe that the mix of coaching, webinars, and workshops is inspiring. 

  • Find the awareness about the barriers and double standards is helpful for them to know about.

  • Have built an important network with other female leaders. 

  • Have developed their own leadership style.

  • Find the strength-based approach helpful in their development of becoming an authentic leader.  

I loved this program as it enabled me to know my strengths and embrace them.

 'Becoming an Authentic Leader' is a forward-thinking program that can make a meaningful difference in empowering female leaders and fostering gender diversity in leadership positions within your organizations. By accelerate individual development and achievements, it also has the potential to create a positive ripple effect within the workplace culture and beyond.

Becoming an Authentic Leadership Deloitte

Ruchika Sharma, Senior Manager at Deloitte Denmark: Thank you Charlotte Søndergaard for the amazing workshops and insightful sessions you provided us throughout this program. It was an honor to know you and I am happy that I am going to embrace our friendship a notch higher. The biggest takeaway from this program was the Self Assurance, by the way of knowing one's strengths and embracing them further. You are an amazing coach, as you were able to connect and unlock our inhibitions and create a safe space for all of us.❤

Venkata Madhuri Ravi, Manager at Deloitte Sweden: Thank you Charlotte Søndergaard, for facilitating the wonderful sessions and unlocking our potential as individuals and as a team!


Monsurat Nurudeen, Senior Manager at Deloitte Denmark: Thank you for some really insightful sessions, Charlotte Søndergaard! I particularly appreciate that the entire programme is designed around maximizing one’s leadership strengths as opposed to constantly focusing on improving one’s leadership weaknesses. Biggest takeaway: Do more of what you’re good at! Thanks for that! 😊

Priyanka Sharma, Senior Manager at Deloitte Finland: Thank you Charlotte Søndergaard, for facilitating this program. We had amazing two days spent together with many learnings and inspirations, looking forward to more of these in future!

Sanna Toppari, Senior Manager at Deloitte Finland: I got clarity on my strengths, and confidence, tools and guidance to develop as a leader. It is easy to have confidential discussions with Charlotte, she is a warm hearted coach but she also knows when to push you for concrete progress. After the program, I'm better equipped for future endeavors.

Lilly Thérèse Doringer, Senior Manager at Deloitte Sweden: We often strive after perfection, seeking competition and assume certain behavior and traits are just “normal”. But what is actually “normal”, especially in regard to leadership? If you strive after:

  • Challenging the “normal” and want to understand how society has changed regarding leadership.

  • Understanding your strength.

  • Wanting to experience a new mindset.

  • Enhancing your skills of being your authentic self.

  • Balance your private and work-life.

Contact Charlotte!❤

Sanna Toppari, Senior Manager at Deloitte Finland: I got clarity on my strengths, and confidence, tools and guidance to develop as a leader. It is easy to have confidential discussions with Charlotte, she is a warm-hearted coach, but she also knows when to push you for concrete progress. After the program, I'm better equipped for future endeavors.

Estefania Montano, Manager at Deloitte Sweden: It is a fantastic leadership program that help you capitalize on your own ideas and personalize your own growth as an individual and leader. I loved that this program is designed for a group of female leaders but at the same time enable individual reflection and development. During the individual coaching sessions and masterclasses Charlotte was able to enable a safe environment where we could share, learn, and feel empowered. Finding the pieces in order to see beyond conventional norms and develop our authentic leadership style. Identify possible obstacles that we face as women in organizations, which we deep down might be aware of, but often prefers to ignore.

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'Becoming an Authentic Leader in Stockholm' for Deloitte. 

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