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Charlotte Søndergaard, Female Leadership, Coach

Welcome to Female Leadership

We will elevate you to feel empowered, courageous and intentional. Coach and encourage you to become an authentic and impactful leader that can take ownership of your aspirations and disrupt the barriers that is in your way. Standing in your power, finding your voice and lean into your strengths. We will help you become an authentic leader that belong in a room of power. 

Our focus is on what is right with leaders, encourage them to be purpose driven and authentic. Use their voice and strengths and feel a sense of belonging. Be intentional and own their career and future. We enhance self-development, self-reflection and self-compassion for personal growth and influence. We collaborate with both individuals and organizations.

Your empowerment is our passion. 
Let's collaborate!

What We Do and Love Doing

To complement the insights, I also got a toolbox of which has been very useful in my day-to-day life.

Melissa Dao

Female Leadership, Charlotte Søndergaard Coach

We Can Make
it Happen!

You got this!

Becoming an authentic leader and belonging in a room of power is possible for you too.

Your empowerment is our passion.

Let's collaborate!

Inspiration to Empowerment

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  1. Be yourself.

  2. Lean into your strengths.

  3. Be intentional and own your career.

  4. Be influential.

  5. Be an inclusive leader.

  6. Be kind and show gratitude.

  7. Take care of your well-being and thrive.

  8. Find a sponsor, mentor, or coach.

  9. Network strategically.

  10. Seek help at home.

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